We focus extensively on making customised wedding gowns to different brides. We offer below 5 bridal customisation services for our brides for different bridal wardrobes.



Choosing a BESPOKE gown means the wedding gown is one-of-a-kind and designed exclusively for you, it fits perfectly to your personal taste and contours your body shape. This is a holistic bridal journey that is not just about the gown, but also for your lifetime memory. You will enjoy the bespoke wedding design that is customised to your preferences and venue concerns. All gown patterns and designs are made from scratch by me. You will be invited for min. 3-4 personal fittings with a mock-up session to ensure the perfect fitting and comfort. Finally, your gown is finished in couture quality with the best comfort.


CUSTOM-MADE service is offered for the bride who craves for a certain gown style that customise to her own measurements. The style could be from your bridal inspo or my bridal collection. Custom-made package is also famous among brides for its fast and precise service.


Unlike renting an existing gown, a completely NEW wedding gown will be specially made for you in your customised measurements. What makes ours even special is that you could realise your dream gown design in luxury quality at a special rental price. The rental gown will only have to be returned to the atelier after the wedding or event.


We offer rental of our existing gown collection to brides who have weddings in Denmark or even for destination weddings and photo shoots. Customise alteration on the existing gown can be done upon request, and we can provide new custom adjustments or add-on designs (eg. detachable sleeves) for your unique personal touch.


We offer bridal alteration for brides who ordered gowns somewhere else and would love to take extra special care on their dresses and perfect fitting. As a trained fashion designer and couturier, I works all-rounded in tailor, fitting, dress making and handcrafting. Bridal alteration at SYA atelier is for brides who crave for the perfect bridal look and high-quality work. Creativity is also necessary in bridal alteration when brides wish to add personal touch or additional modification to complete their bridal looks.