Here are the most frequently asked questions from the brides and girls

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Where do you based now?

I live in Copenhagen where my Design Atelier is also based in here. I moved to Denmark from Hong Kong since 2019 when I am married to Jonathan.

Before that I have lived and studied fashion and couture design in Hong Kong, Sweden and London.

Why Copenhagen?

Copenhagen was one of my first European cities I travelled. I came for the Copenhagen Fashion Week when I studied Fashion Design in Sweden.

After 8 years since my Scandinavian adventure, I travelled back because of love. And this time, I decided to settle in this “hyggelig” city with my husband and my soul mate, Jonathan, where I met at my teenage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we meet?

Yes absolutely, this is essential for me to get to know you through a physical consultation or a virtual Zoom meeting. It would be important for me to have a good understanding of whom I am designing to and what kind person you are, so I could bespoke your dream dress that true to yourself and empower your femininity and confidence. At the meantime, you will get to know more about me and my design journey. It would also be great to have your sharing on your ideas, wedding planning and gown preferences.


Where do you source for your fabrication?

I love sourcing any New & Silk. To ensure the luxury comfort for my brides, fabric are sourced from my extensive supplier network. They are all the renowned bridal and lace manufacturers in France, UK, Italy, New York and Asian cities where I am closely connected with. I also have a list of sustainable bridal fabric for selection.